Are you struggling to implement changes to scale teams and adapt to changing environments?

  • Do you have a growing list of initiatives?
  • Are all teams working in silos?
  • Did your last change effort leave members frustrated?
  • Are there emails floating around with goals and objectives?
  • Is more time spent in getting organized then getting it done?

Learn how cura8e makes it easy to start, champion and execute initiatives that move your company forward

Initiative Creator

Save time by focusing on items that deliver result

Answer the most important questions that impacted users have in mind to get alignment quickly. We use proven method in our step by step guide to ensure every change leader uses consistent model to increase organization's change velocity.

Central User Portal

Increase adaption with automatic personalized content

Weather your initiative is impacting 20 people or 2000 people, each individual will see cura8ed information to help them commit to making their initiative successful.

Track Engagement & Commitment

Know who supports the initiative and who needs more support

Track the progress by having the visibility of open rate, video watch rate, comments, questions, and surveys. A commitment slider high lights groups of individual who are publicly supporting the initiative.

Feedback Collection

Provide a simpler way for collecting feedback to power engagement

Seamlessly collect feedback through out the change journey to understand level of buy-in, effectiveness of content, understanding of impacts, resistance level and more.